Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Its been a busy week for me.  There is a fabric store in town that is closing and everything is 50% off.  Well I had to go and see what they had.  I found some very nice vinyl that I’m going to redo my kitchen chairs with, but all the fabric for making any clothes were gone.  I heard that one guy came in a bought all of their buttons!  This was a whole wall about 30 feet long and about 5 feet off the ground.  Man they had all kinds of buttons.  I wanted to get some fabric to make some clothes for the kids, but it was gone.  I’ve been teaching my daughter how to sew.  She enjoys it, but gets bored at times which I full understand.  She does love the outfits we’ve made though.  Then her Beta fish died and it was heartbreaking.  She got it as a baby and it was just suddenly gone.  It may have been caused by the frogs dad said she could have with her Beta.  So of course she no longer wants the frogs!  We did get her a new Beta baby and she is happy again.  I did manage to find time to get my Easter kit finished which you have to check out.  It is so cute!

The Easter bunny has been by and has hidden all his eggs. Oh no! Someone has stolen some of the eggs! Who did it? We are on the hunt now and the kiddos are too.  Of course you need to snap some photos of those cute little ones, and ahh older ones too, snagging those eggs. 

On sale till 4/11 and if you buy the bundle, its even cheaper!


And if you buy either the stripped or dotted papers, I will give you either the journal cards or splatters for free.  Just send me a message or email me with your invoice number. 

Have a wonderful day and an awesome Easter!